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Bar Program


Villa Caemilla - Boracay



Boutique Beach Bar Program

Villa Caemilla is renowned for the luxurious experience that it offers. Located in one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Boracay, Villa Caemilla received various awards. For their new cocktail menu they flew in Cocktail Professor to create a line of concoctions that combines the luxury of a boutique experience and the beauty of the tropical island.

On the menu

Six entirely new signature cocktails inspired by local rituals, traditional dishes, and even children’s stories with flavours from local ingredients and homemade infusions and syrups. Expect delicately prepared cocktails that are served in a big seashell, made with local flowers or presented with an elegant fire ritual.


Bar Consultancy, Concept Development, Cocktail Development, Bar Supply & Glassware Sourcing, Bar Training, Menu Design, Cocktail Photography.

"Wesley van der Voort, General Manager"