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Hendrick's Gin



Hendrick's Ging Bartender Cocktail Event

Cocktail Professor is proud to have been a part of the most unusual wedding of the year. Hendrick’s Gin celebrated the matrimony of the cucumber and rose and for this special event we developed four different cocktail experiences suited to different moments.

On the menu

Four different cocktails on the menu where Hendrick’s Gin and the wedding of the cucumber and the rose the star of the show. Upon arrival guests received an edible wedding bouquet which was a cocktail in disguise. An ice-cream cone held Hendrick’s gin, lemon juice,honey and a cucumber vinaigrette based on reduced cucumber juice, walnut oil and lemon juice. After that a colour changing cocktail, a champagne cocktail that looks like a champagne but was a full bodied cocktail and the signature gin & tonic with rose and cucumber frozen in a big rose ice cube.