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Inspiration Program Glenmorangie

For Glenmorangie we created seasonal cocktails, took care of the photoshoot and organized an inspirational session for bartenders as a brand activation at our office at the Royal Tropical Institute. What we tried to do is highlight the flavour characteristics of Glenmorangie and show how diverse the possibilities are with this lovely Scotch whiskey. Below you can see the autumn and winter cocktails. Here you’ll find the full recipes. 

On the menu

Heat up Winter (winter)
45 ml Glenmorangie
40 ml hot water
20 ml honey water
1 quarter pear
1 quarter apple
3 cloves

Cut the apple and pear into small pieces and leave in a mixing glass with the Glenmorangie and cloves to infuse for 3 minutes. Add the hot water and honey water and stir whitout ice until the honey is disolved. Pour the drink in a large brandy snifter and garnish with a slice of pear with cloves stuck in the side.

Dark Days (winter)
45 ml Glenmorangie
25 ml espresso
15 ml rose syrup
3 blackberries
orange peel

Muddle the blackberries in a shaker, then add freshly brewed espresso, Glenmorangie and rose syrup and shake with ice. Pour the cocktail into a coffee cup and place the cup in a cocktail coupe filled with coffee beans. A teaspoon of cream, rose petals and orange peel as garnish. 

Cherry Pie (autumn)
50 ml Glenmorangie
10 ml balsamic vinegar
20 ml sherry
5 ml sugar water
Three cherries muddled
Two dashes cinnamon

Add the cherries to the shaker and muddle them. Then also add cinnamon, Glenmorangie, sugar water , balsamic vinegar, sherry and fill the shaker with ice. Shake well and strain over ice in a whiskey. Add two cherries and sprinkle it with a mix of cinnamon and edible gold powder.

Sweet Walnut ( autumn)
50 ml Glenmorangie
40 ml Punt e Mes
1 dash Orange Bitters
Two walnuts on a skewer

Add the Punta e Mes, Glenmorangie and bitters with ice in a mixing glass and stir the cocktail. Pour the cocktail without ice in a cocktail coupe. Place two walnuts as garnish on a stick.


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Our expectations were absolutely surpassed. We are so glad we chose Cocktail Professor for our new project.

"Chan Nyein Soe, Owner"