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Vørding's Gin



Product Launch Vørding's Gin

Vørding’s Gin is born in Amsterdam with passion for perfection, the same goes for Cocktail Professor. So that’s one of the reasons Cocktail Professor and Vørding’s Gin joined forces and launched the new Vørding’s Gin during an inspirational event for a few selected bartenders and press.

On the menu

For the event we developed three different cocktails with Vørding’g Gin as the lead character. All three showcase the qualities and possibilities of this versatile gin.

The first cocktail was the ‘Vørding’s Notes’.Cocktail Professor designed this cocktail for the launch of Vørding’s Gin. It is a delicate mix of ginger, sweet vermouth, Vørding’s Gin and salt solution. The warmth and spiciness of the ginger, the herbal notes of the sweet vermouth and the dry cedar wood notes of the back of the pallets make for a complex, but very suiting cocktail. A couple of drops of salt solutions gives the cocktail a little bit more depth and binds the cocktail. Vørding’s Gin is infused with toasted cedar wood, the same wood used for pencils. So we created our own cedar wood pencil with red chocolate filling and used it’s shaving as a garnish on top of the cocktail.

The second cocktail that Cocktail Professor developed was a delectable garden made of a tasty foam topped with cedar, orange peel and other flowers and herbs is the start of a cocktail that has some interaction going on with the drinker. The cocktail itself is a homemade lavender milk, Vørding’s Gin and Teapot bitters which is served in a small carafe on the side. When it is poured on top of the foam it sinks to the bottom, as it’s heavier and the whole garden is pushed up. When you drink the cocktails all the aromas from the garden work with the flavours of the foam and cocktail. This crazy mix of lavender milk, bitters and gin really show the diversity and distinctive flavours of the Vørding’s Gin.

The last cocktail: Campfire Goodness. Three main ingredients of , cedar wood, cinnamon and orange peel, are lid aflame on a cedar wood serving board. The smoke is captured in a glass by simply putting it on top of this small campfire of ingredients. This coats the inside of the glass. A small flask containing a sort of gin old fashioned is poured in the smoked glassready to enjoy. Vørding’s Gin combined with homemade tonic syrup and Angostura bitters works really well in this old-fashioned type drink as this cedar infused gin has real body to it.


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