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Bar Program W Hotel Koh Samui

Cocktail Professor developed for the renewed Woobar at W Hotel on Koh Samui (Thailand). For W Hotel Koh Samui we created 12 tailor-made cocktails especially designed to the concept of the hotel and Koh Samui. The new cocktails are based on craftsmanship, homemade ingredients and experimental presentations.

On the menu

On the new cocktail menu of the renewed WOO Bar of W Retreat Koh Samui you’ll find 12 new signature creations developed by Cocktail Professor and 12 new classic cocktails with twists made by number one bar of Thailand ‘Vesper Bar’. The 12 new signature creations are cocktails on the one hand inspired on the environment, so the Thai culture, but also the rituals and happenings on Koh Samui island, like a cocktail with the theme Loi Krathong, the full moon ritual in the South of Thailand. On the other hand they are in the style of the W Hotel. Witty, bold and with colorful & arty design, including some healthy cocktails to give you energy for the rest of your day.


Bar Consultancy, Concept Development, Cocktail Development, Bar Supply & Glassware Sourcing, Bar Training, Cocktail Photography.

The cocktails created by the Cocktail Professor are simply the best that I have seen or tasted anywhere. Each one has an incredible creative and beautiful presentation, a fun name with an interesting story to tell and most importantly, amazing taste and balance of flavour based on a diverse list of quality ingredients and techniques.

"Garth Welsch, Director Culinary & Service W Hotel Koh Samui"