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Colour Twists on Classics for W Hotel on Bali

Cocktail Professor created a very special range of cocktails ‘colour twists on classics’ for the W Lounge of W Retreat & Spa, Bali.The W Lounge is where guests from all over the world enter the W Hotel and get a first sense of the W experience on Bali (Indonesia). It’s international, classy and colourful.

On the menu

In theme of one of W’s values ‘conceal and reveal’ we created a concept for 6 cocktails. Six cocktails that are crazy colour twists on some international classics. Classics that present themselves in colours you would not expect. By using modern techniques from the kitchen we changed their appearance completely. Expect one thing and be surprised by something else. All ingredients fresh and natural. All flavours new and W.


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Colour Twists on Classics

Black Martini

This cocktail is a black variation on a classic dry martini. Made with a homemade floral black gin, black olives puree, vermouth and charred lemon peel garnish. The black olives also leaves a full and oral taste which goes perfectly together with the gin.

Blue Blood Mary

Mary has noble blood. In this variation on a Bloody Mary we used fresh clarified tomato juice and coloured it blue with our homemade Butterfly Pea Flower extract. Spiced with fresh chili, horse radish and some fresh celery stalk.

Green Mule

Green, healthy & fresh variation of a Moscow mule. We replaced the ginger beer for fresh ginger juice and added some freshness and vitamins of coriander, cucumber and green mango.

Lilla Margarita

A twist on a classic margarita where we added two beautiful ingredients: blueberries and lavender. Fresh sour drink with oral fruity notes together with a homemade lavender salt.

Red Russian

The Russians like red, so we were thinking it’s almost strange that they only have their famous White & Black Russian. We changed the coffee for a homemade red tea liqueur, where we espresso pressed the red tea to get a full intense flavour. This together with milk gives you a totally new Russian experience.

White Old Fashioned

Don’t be fooled by it’s transparant appearance. This is a cocktail full of flavour and depth. Ladies be warned, this is a strong one. Fellas, this is a challenge. The local Arak spired infused with white chocolate, sweetened with lavender sugar and garnished with some grated white chocolate on top.